Are Ringless Voicemail Drops Illegal?

Ringless voicemail drops allow companies to deliver pre-recorded messages directly to your voicemail box without making your phone ring. Companies can provide thousands of these calls at a time, and they do not require a considerable staff because they are created and delivered through an advanced software system. The ringless voicemail drop technology was invented by Stratics Networks. You can learn more about how this innovation revolutionized the marketing space at

Telemarketing calls have received a lot of negative attention in recent years, which promoted the creation of the do not call list that allowed individuals to insist telemarketers do not call their number. While this may have benefited the individual, it made it significantly harder for companies that rely on telemarketing to thrive. It has also caused them to get more creative in how they get their message to potential customers. 

Ringless voicemail drops do not cause a disturbance to the person receiving the call but they do prompt them to check their voicemail because they believe they have missed a call. This allows the individual to check the voicemail at their convenience, as opposed to stopping what they are doing to answer their phone. Some have questioned whether this is illegal due to a perceived invasion of privacy. 

Currently, there are no laws in the United States that pertain to ringless voicemail drops. This means that companies that rely on telemarketing as part of their sales strategy can utilize the technology without the fear of repercussion. This is relatively new technology, so many people have yet to experience it and the customers who have praise the technology as a significantly better alternative to traditional sales calls. With wide-ranging support and no legal issues with using this technology, it’s a great alternative. 

There are some who might complain about these voicemails, but it is actually to the benefit of those receiving the calls. They are not being disturbed by their phone ringing throughout the day, and they do not need to speak to anyone if that is not what they want. Many people are uncomfortable telling a salesperson they do not wish to talk; ringless voicemail drops eliminate that awkward encounter. If the potential customer is not interested in what is being offered in the message, they can disregard it.

The other advantage is that companies have a better chance of having their message heard. Too often, when someone answers their phone, and it is a recorded message or a telemarketer, they will quickly hang up. However, if they are listening to voicemails, they are more likely to listen to the entire message before deleting it.

While laws are regulating the number of times a company can contact the same number and the hours they are allowed to start contacting people, there are no regulations on when a company can leave a message. Companies must respect people’s time by not sending voicemails in off-hours or excessively throughout the day, but at this point, that is more common sense. 

It’s possible that regulations may be created in the future, however, there are no regulations on voicemail drops currently. Instead, there are a lot of important benefits for those considering it as an option for their telemarketing efforts. This isn’t to suggest companies should forgo more traditional telemarketing and rely solely on ringless voicemail drops, (although that may be best for them) but it is an option that can provide significant value to a company.

In addition to telemarketers, this technology would be ideal for political candidates who are already utilizing recorded messages. During big political campaigns, people will frequently complain about the number of phone calls they are getting. Ringless voicemail drops would allow candidates to distribute their message without disturbing those receiving the messages. The courtesy of this approach may work to get more people to listen to the message and do a little further research on the candidate. 

Whether you’re a company, non-profit, or political candidate. Ringless voicemail drops could be the best option for your messaging needs.