How to Get a Good ROI From Your Software

Almost every business on the market depends on software programs to run efficiently. Whether this is managed by an in-house software developer or a managed service, few businesses have the time or resources to handle every operational task independently.

However, outsourced solutions and custom software are often costly. You must prioritize key concepts such as efficiency, responsiveness, and scalability if you’re integrating a custom software solution. It’ll help you get the best possible ROI and avoid ongoing debt obligations. Here’s what you need to know.

Look for bundled solutions.


If you don’t want to source custom software development services, but you need a suite of programs to enhance your company’s ability to pivot as needed, you’ll want to find deals and discounts on bundle packages. This enables you to maintain a stronger times earned interest ratio, also known as a times interest earned ratio or a TIE ratio. Your times interest earned statistic comes from your company’s ability to meet debt obligations compared to your net income. Finding the right custom software development or managed services bundle is worth the time and effort.

Say, for instance, you’re investing in a new call center software platform. You know you want off-the-shelf software that can immediately work to improve the customer experience. However, you also need mobile app access and a program that integrates well with your other services. While you’re paying a fixed amount for base functions, you can add additional features and business processes to your bundle and save compared to buying piecemeal services. If you use ServiceNow, you can invest in a ServiceNow call center integration. This can help you transition away from a legacy system more quickly while enhancing your overall ROI.

Be practical about custom software.


While custom software isn’t quite necessary for all brands on the market, certain businesses depend on custom solutions to thrive. A custom software solution adds a degree of professionalism and helps customers associate your brand with quality. If you’re going to hire a software developer or a custom software development agency, you need to maintain that high ratio of costs against value. This will keep you from racking up additional debt while also improving your workflows. So, how do you score a high ROI on software development services?

To start, you’ll likely want to meet with your project managers to determine software solution wants and needs. If you’re going to use mobile applications to gain a competitive advantage on a long-term basis, you need to prioritize the user experience. If you’re crafting a dashboard that takes your customer service to the next level, you should focus on usability. Whether you run a startup or a marketplace enterprise, you need to divvy up your wants and needs. This helps when it’s time to meet with a software development company.

You’ll also want to compare a software application to an off-the-shelf solution to ensure you’re meeting business needs without spending too much. With robust A/B testing, a software development company can review logistics and analytics to determine your software product’s projected performance. If you want a lower cost, you can talk to the development team about integral features and which bells and whistles aren’t needed for increased customer satisfaction.

Follow your instincts.

When choosing a new software platform, you need to juggle how it’ll impact digital experiences, what the deployment will look like, and how much automation is available. Sometimes, you need extensive experience to do so. Other times, you need to follow your instincts to make the right selection. For a higher ratio of software expenses compared to overall value, follow this methodology. It’ll help you find innovative solutions to meet current and future needs.