How to Make Money With SEO in 2019

While it might appear that the search results you get from Google are ordered from most to least popular, the algorithm that dictates the ordering of those results is actually rather sophisticated. Search engine algorithms take into account the number of times it finds links to a particular website, where those links are found, and the popularity of the website that the link appears on amongst other factors. Constructing an online presence to take advantage of search engine algorithms is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and there are indeed a few ways you can use this process to make money.

The most straightforward way to make money with SEO is to make a website that offers a service and to use the appropriate optimization techniques to make that website as visible as possible. Search Engine Optimization techniques can make a website that sells crafts more visible, for example. Generally, a high-quality website that is easy to use will rank higher on search engine results than they would otherwise. Putting out paid advertisements for your website is not strictly an SEO strategy, but it can still help. It is important to note that while your SEO may not be directly improved by putting “pay per click” advertisements for your website on the internet, it may see an improvement anyway as a result of peripheral benefits like increased web traffic. In any event, providing a service of some kind to benefit from an optimal website might itself increase the associated website’s SEO as a result of the popularity of your product.

Alternatively, if you have a website that does not offer a paid service you could still make some money off that website if it is well optimized for search engines. Placing advertisements on your website is one way to do this. Generally, a website owner will earn money on the order of 15 cents from every click on a “pay per click” advertisement on their website. Maintaining such a website and the various ways to improve its search rankings can be difficult, however. Whether you do this through research or consultation of a Denver SEO consultant, keeping your website optimized is a task unto itself so you shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of what resources on the subject you can find. Regardless of how you approach the issue of running a well-optimized website, doing so requires an initial investment of some kind so it pays to stay informed of modern developments in SEO.

If you want to run a business that operates chiefly over the internet, you could also stand to benefit from SEO as well. Notably, the visibility that comes with a better search ranking helps businesses find potential applicants faster and cheaper than they would be able to otherwise. You might find that employee relations are more difficult over the internet, but keeping interactions with your employees as efficient and pleasant as possible is usually beneficial to SEO as well since a place of work is a very common thing to list in a social media profile. It is for these and other reasons that check printing companies like Smart Payables or other workplace conveniences should not be underestimated; having less paperwork to worry about lets you focus on improving your business and, in turn, your SEO.

A website’s SEO can be a valuable asset in the right hands. While the ideal website will be maintained flawlessly and provide something that everyone wants, you should still maintain realistic goals both for yourself and for your website. By the same token, even if you don’t expect your website to take off you should still try to optimize it so you learn how to run a better website in the future.