How to Shoot High-End Portraits

If you’re new to photography, you might be struggling to get started. Or, if you’ve been shooting for quite some time, you might want some advice on how wondering how to get the dreamy, high-end portraits you’ve always wanted to achieve. However, the answer to this question isn’t simple because multiple elements add up to creating the perfect picture. Continue reading to get a few tips and tricks for when you’re ready to take high-end portraits that you’re proud to show off.

Learn about your camera.

If you want to take high-end portraits, you have to understand how to best work your camera. Many people own DSLR cameras like Canons or Nikons. However, just because you own a high-quality camera, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically take incredible portraits. To take the best quality photographs, you need to learn about your camera’s settings. Learning a new hobby is a great way to challenge yourself. Plus, the bonus is that if you try a new hobby to increase your IQ, like sudoku or photography, you’ll be getting smarter at the same time. In addition to learning more and increasing your IQ, you’ll learn about your camera and the best ways to shoot for any situation.

Moving forward, don’t simply shoot in automatic settings because it’s easier. You need to learn how to shoot in manual mode to get a good grasp on your photography skills. As you learn to shoot in manual, you’ll explore these main concepts like aperture, ISO settings, and shutter speed. To be brief and simple, your aperture commonly referred to as your f-stop is how open or closed your lens is. ISO settings refer to the sensor inside your camera which lets more or less light in. Last up is the shutter speed. This setting is how quickly your camera captures images. As you navigate understanding these manual settings, you’ll find your picture quality better than ever.

Use the correct lens.

If you want to try out the new thing in the camera world, look into a mirrorless camera like a Canon R5. If you don’t want to buy a Canon R5 before trying it out, there are sites that allow you to rent cameras and camera accessories as you perfect your new skills. Although the body of the camera is important, so is the lens. This is especially true if you’re trying to take high-quality portraits because some lenses are better than others for certain pictures. If you’re working on portraits, you might want to look into something called a prime lens. This kind of lens doesn’t allow you to zoom in or out. Rather you have to move to get what you’d like in a frame. However, the good thing about these prime lenses is that they have low aperture settings that create dreamy portraits like a pro photographer.

Look at the small details.


Another way to shoot high-quality portraits is to focus on small details too. Sure, the big picture matters, but all of the small details make up the entirety of your photos. One common thing that many look past is something simple like your model’s nails. When you’re in a hurry, ditch the traditional nail polish that’s messy. Rather than risking chipped nails and wasted time in the salon, opt for stick on nails instead. You can get stick-on nails that are made from a proprietary gel blend that is guaranteed to last. Plus, they’re more practical than long fake nails and costly manicures that are difficult to continuously maintain. By ensuring your model has well-kept nails, you’re one step closer to classier portraits that are perfect down to the smallest detail.

Accessorize your models.


When you’re looking into the small details, you can’t overlook your model or client’s fashion and accessories. Jewelry makes all of the difference between capturing an average portrait and an incredible portrait. For example, consider accessorizing with a beautiful pair of earrings that make a statement. If your client loves statement earrings, buy a beautiful pair of hoops or dangling gemstone earrings to make the outfit pop. Or, if they’re going for a more simple look, opt for stud earrings. As a general rule of thumb, choose high-quality jewelry that enhances your model’s outfit and natural features. When going for an incredible portrait, you need to keep the overall look and vibe of your photos in mind. Keep your goal in mind when it comes to your client’s outfit and accessories. For example, if you’re wanting something with a bohemian style, then lean towards flowy dresses, long dangling earrings, and muted colors. On the other hand, if you want something edgy opt for leather, dark colors, and bold statement earrings. By keeping your accessories in mind, you will create stunning photographs that show off your desired personality and style.

Make sure you’re both comfortable.


At the end of the day, great photographs stem from feeling comfortable. This comfort is important both on your end and your client’s or model’s perspective as well. As your shooting your portraits, you want to remain comfortable because you’ll be moving all around to capture the perfect photo. Be sure to choose to wear underwear that works well for your body type rather than dealing with uncomfortable undergarments that leave you with uncomfortable restrictions.

Make sure that you’re wearing the best underwear for your body type and your clothing choice. The same concept goes for your model as well. For example, if they’re wearing a flowy dress, a bikini or briefs might be a better option to avoid any slips during the photoshoot. On the other hand, if your model is wearing something tight, your model should opt for underwear like a thong that avoids unsightly panty lines in your photographs. With these small details and prioritized comfort, you’ll be able to snap great shots of your clients for the portraits of your dreams.

When it comes down to it, many components work together to form a great portrait photo. By learning how to shoot in manual mode, experimenting with different cameras and lenses, giving attention to the small details, and prioritizing everyone’s comfort, you’ll finally create high-quality portraits that you’re dying to show off.