Jobs That Work for Former Auto & Car Technicians

If you’re tired of your job as an auto technician, it can be tricky to figure out which direction to go next. This is because oftentimes in order to become a car technician, you’ll have obtained a very specialized degree and an equally specific set of skills in order to perform your job. These sorts of lines on a resume are great when it comes to finding mechanical work, but not everybody wants to stay a mechanic forever. If you’re on the hunt for a new job and used to be an auto technician, here are several careers to consider.

Car Shipping

Getting a job helping transport cars over long distances can be an easy and fulfilling way to use your background as an automotive mechanic in a new way. Companies like Easy Car Shipping offer competitive rates to customers looking for enclosed auto shipping services for their luxury vehicles or sports cars, and these sorts of customers want to know that their prized vehicle is in good hands.

In situations like this, whose hands are better for handling a collectible vehicle than someone who’s capable of servicing it? Your background as an automotive tech makes you very competitive in situations like this and can help a company like Easy Car Shipping give its customers the peace of mind they need when transporting an expensive car across state lines.

Dealership Work

Car dealerships are always looking for new employees, and someone with an automotive background is a boon when it comes to building a dealership’s reputation. If you have experience as an auto tech, that automatically makes you a much better salesperson. This is because you have an intimate knowledge of what makes vehicles tick, which can make it much easier for you to elaborate on a certain feature or selling point of a vehicle.

Customers love to know that the vehicle they’re thinking of buying has had a mechanic’s perspective weigh in on the decision, too, so it’s never a bad idea to think about transitioning to sales at a dealership if you’re looking for a change of pace. Best of all, car dealerships are everywhere, so if you’re looking to move to the Midwest by taking a job at a Honda dealership in North Olmsted, OH or want to see the west coast by joining a Toyota dealership in Westminster, CA, there are plenty of options available to you.


Writing about cars is another great way to use your expertise in the automotive world in a new way. From covering press events at national car shows to reviewing the newest makes and models from major automotive manufacturers, if you’re a good writer there are plenty of ways to use your skill set as a former auto tech.

These sorts of skills can be put to use before you transition away from your current job, meaning that if you start a blog as a side hustle that takes off, you’re going to be able to make the switch to a new career much more easily than if it required you to take a leap of faith.

Although it might not feel like it, you’ve actually got plenty of options as a former auto tech. From working in vehicle shipping to getting a job selling cars at a dealership, there are a variety of ways you can use your skills and love of all things automotive without ever having to pick up a wrench again. Keep an open mind and put your best foot forward during the interview process, and you might be surprised by where your background as an automotive mechanic can take you.