Software Solutions to Help Beauty Businesses Grow

You’ve developed the perfect magnetic lash and liner. You’re beginning to set up your distribution network. You’re looking for your first customers. And then it hits you: You realize you need some form of additional software to help your burgeoning business grow.

But what software can help you sell a lash kit and lash glue? Luckily, there are plenty of options for a lash business or any other beauty brand in need of some savvy software. Here are a few things to consider.

Choose multi-solution platforms

Sure, you could divert money from the production of your magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner into your software spending. However, once you start adding additional products and solutions, the dollar signs start to quickly add up. That doesn’t always translate to sales enablement, especially in the beauty industry where manufacturing even a pair of lashes can take a whole lot of trial and error. That’s why, from liquid eyeliner to luscious lashes and beyond, you should always look into a multi-solution platform. Not sure what that is? Here’s the skinny.

Brands like Manobyte have staked their claim on being a one-stop-shop for many businesses in need of some software assistance. Manobyte, based in Grand Rapids, offers a few key solutions that can help you develop a customer base for your lash line:

  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) – ERP lets businesses automate a good amount of their backend functions. This can be invaluable for a new business or veteran lash brand alike.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Your CRM is like a digital salesman in a lot of ways. Offering a new false eyelash system that accentuates natural lashes? Set up a campaign in your CRM and watch the sales funnel work in real-time.
  • Revenue Performance Management (RPM) – RPM works like a suite of business growth consultants. They can tell you what’s working, what’s holding you back, and what needs improvements. Say you’re deciding between glue and magnets. Your RPM can tell you which is the better lashliner system and help you optimize growth.

Of course, that’s just an offering of what a dedicated multi-solution platform can do for a beauty brand. There are other things to consider as well.

How strong is your network?

Many beauty businesses these days, whether they’re manufacturers, retailers, or somewhere in between, depend heavily on networking. Plus, lately, influencers have a big say in what products do and don’t sell. If you don’t have an effective network, it won’t matter how great your false eyelashes are or how strong your lash style is. No network turns into no customers which means no sales. Say you’re working with a top magnetic eyeliner kit producer. You love their magnetic lashes and want to feature them on your e-commerce page because who isn’t interested in magnets instead of clumpy glue on their lash line? While you may be tempted to ask about a partnership outright, it could be offputting to the producer.

Instead, nurture a relationship. This can be done through the common software channels like social media and email or you can use dedicated entrepreneur networking platforms to help you connect with the right members of the industry. Networking applications and software platforms go beyond a simple LinkedIn page so don’t be afraid to browse the app store and get creative. When it comes to selling a new magnetic liner or lash extensions, you never know which new connection could make a big difference for your brand.

Like any industry, the beauty market is heavily dependent on savvy software selections. Knowing the right platforms and purchases to make can definitely turn your business from completely drab to a lot more fab. Plus, with some smart decision making, you never know: You could see your magnetic eyelashes featured in Covergirl or Vogue.