Tips for Starting a Mindfulness YouTube Channel

The decision to start a YouTube channel is often an exciting one. With dreams of becoming monetized, helping people, finding a tribe, sharing a life story, or teaching a skill, many creators dive into their YouTube journeys without much thought and a plan to learn along the way. While it’s possible to be successful as a YouTube content creator without a plan, it’s easier to beat the complicated algorithm if you have a basic outline of your long and short-term goals.

Particularly when you hope to teach a skill on your YouTube channel, there can be a lot to think about before uploading that first video. From creating a list of topics you’ll make videos about to ensure you’re giving accurate information, it’s a good idea to do some research before starting your YouTube channel. If you hope to create an informative channel about the benefits of mindfulness, for example, you’ll want to understand not only the tools and resources out there but the psychology behind this fascinating field and lifestyle. To learn more about the best way to go about creating a mindfulness YouTube channel, read on.

Being Mindful with Goals


As someone who understands mindfulness, the reality is that you understand the importance of being intentional in your decisions. Whether you decide to begin a habit like writing goals in the everyday resilience journal or opening a file on your computer, it’s a good idea to be mindful of how you approach your channel from the beginning.

Start by watching other creators’ videos. Find creators who have similar channels to the one you have in your mind. Take what you like from their channels to develop your own style. You’ll want to decide if you’ll offer mediation alone or a combination of tools and resources on your channel. Will you go live? Will you offer giveaways? Will you give subscribers opportunities to contact you on other platforms? These are all things to decide before uploading your first video.

Write down your logistical goals, as well. Do you hope to become monetized? How much money do you hope to make? Have you applied for a Google Adsense account so you can collect your money? How many subscribers do you hope to gain in the first year, and how do you plan to get there? Knowing the answers to these things ahead of time will go a long way in your success on YouTube.

Attention to Detail


A solid internet connection, good lighting, and quality streams will add up to a better viewing experience for your subscribers. You’ll also need to think about hiring a professional designer or finding a channel art template you like so that your site is appealing to viewers. When considering a design for what will become your brand, think about your longer-term goals and plans. That is, you’ll want a design you can live with for years rather than a placeholder.

Consistency and Messaging


A big part of creating any channel and getting subscribers to come back for more is being consistent in your uploads. YouTube will recommend your videos if you upload them regularly. You want to gain your subscribers’ trust and can do that by following through on scheduling promises as well as giving well-thought-out mindfulness information. Being consistent in your messaging will help build a loyal community of people who come to depend on you as their favorite creator.

By the time you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers and uploaded your hundredth video, it’s possible you’ll have new ideas in store for your channel. However, in beginning your channel by considering smaller details and with a plan, you’ll have better odds of success. As you ponder the right name for your YouTube channel, be sure to leave yourself room for growth the same way you’ll likely encourage your subscribers to do.