Engineering a Smarter Home

What do mechanical engineering design professionals do? By combining regular engineering with mechanical engineering design employees brainstorm ideas together and work hard so that their ideas come to fruition, as manufacturing minded designs. Part of their job is to lay out the assembly plans, their design intent, and identify any important complications that may arise when manufacturing the product.

Mechanical Engineering Design in Smart Homes

According to Glew Engineering, a form out of Silicon Valley, ”a connected Smart Home brings devices and services together for an integrated, autonomous experience that improves a consumer’s life.” Smart Homes are residences that use internet-connected devices to remotely monitor and manage your appliances and other systems in the house, such as air conditioning and lighting.

Smart Homes have everything you could imagine, such as house cleaning robots, WiFi routers, voice controlled lights, and security cameras. And its mechanical engineering design that makes the development of these products possible.

According to NACME (National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering), Mechanical engineers are often referred to as ”the general practitioners of the engineering profession, since they work in every area of technology, from aerospace and automotive, to computers and biotechnology.”

Mechanical Engineer Designers are tasked with using their science background to assist in the development of new products, some of which can be found in Smart Homes, such as ibi by Sandisk

Meet ibi: Sandisk’s New Smart Home Storage Device

ibi by Sandisk is a Smart Home device that is a personal and private cloud Mechanical engineers are often referred to as ”the general practitioners of the engineering profession, since they work in every area of technology, from aerospace and automotive, to computers and biotechnology

The media store on ibi is private, but you can choose to share either single photos or entire albums with your family and friends. This privacy allows you to store intimate moments, memorable family events, fun vacations, and more. Ibi’s private sharing means you don’t have to worry about sharing your photos on social media anymore.

It comes with 1 TB of space for storing your photos. It can store up to 250,00 pictures and over 100 hours of video. According to Amazon’s review of the device, it’s perfect for “saving all of your favorite photos and videos from your phone, computer, USB drives and popular cloud and social media accounts on one device.” Along with sharing private photos with those close to you, you can also invite them to share their photos and videos to your ibi device.

Setting up is easy: first, you plug the device in, download the app, and then ibi does the rest! It’s system requirements are as follows: Works with iOS (10+), Android (Ver 6.0+), Windows (7+) and macOS (10.9+), and you need a Wireless router for internet connection.

Amazon has named it one of its “Amazon Choice” products.

In a press release from June 4, 2019, ibi is named the ultimate Father’s Day gift.  This Smart Photo Manager will help your father “connect with the people and memories he cares about most.”

Studies show that Dads are less likely to share photos and videos publicly, making ibi the perfect gift! The device and app would allow him to collect, organize, and privately share special moments.

Mothers are usually stereotyped as the family historian, always documenting special occasions. Since Fathers are less likely to publicly share photos and memories, people assume they care less than their other half when it comes to family memories. But, research has shown that there is no difference between Moms and Dads when it comes to nostalgia; it’s just that Fathers tend to be more reserved, which is why ibi would make a perfect gift for him.

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