How to Increase E-commerce Sales

The internet provide news and entertainment to its users, and facilitates communication between users through social media sites and web forums. Internet capabilities have reshaped the way companies do business, because goods and services can be bought and sold online. Internet business transactions are referred to as electronic commerce, and more commonly as e-commerce. The increasingly widespread use of the internet has resulted in gains in e-commerce sales over time. In the first quarter of 2010, e-commerce sales accounted for 4.2 percent of retail sales. This number has increased to 10.7 percent of retail sales in the second quarter of 2019. This figure is expected to increase over time as more people access the internet through computers, smartphones, tablets, and other technological devices.

To increase e-commerce sales, businesses must improve their marketing tactics as well as their communication with customers and potential customers. Businesses must provide high-quality service and communicate effectively with customers. Improving customer service can increase customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, in turn, can increase customer retention. The number of people making online purchases is expected to continue increasing, so businesses should ensure that they can efficiently make outbound calls and reach out to millions of customers. Outbound calling can be optimized with unique, innovative outbound call center software, such as that offered by Bright Pattern.

Outbound call centers should be in place for call center agents to act as the link between the company and its customers and potential customers. Call center agents reach out to consumers to inform them of the company’s products and services. In addition to telemarketing, outbound call centers provide other services such as conducting market research and surveys, collections, fundraising efforts, and scheduling sales appointments. In addition to making a sales pitch, call center agents should assess customers’ wants and needs, as well as know when to make offers to clients and close deals.

Bright Pattern’s call center software enables features such as predictive, automatic (IVR), and progressive dialers, answering machine detection, campaign management, quality monitoring, screen and call recording, web callback, remote agents, and artificial intelligence integration. Such features make managing outbound calls and telemarketing easier. Reports generated in real time allow businesses to monitor agent productivity and agent interaction with customers. Using the analytics provided, business owners can see what aspects of their outbound call centers are successful and what aspects need to be changed, enabling them to improve call center agents’ lead conversion.

The impact of outbound call center operations on e-commerce sales can be determined by consulting data and numbers. Sales figures can tell business owners whether their advertising and telemarketing strategies are effective, what products are being sold and at what frequency, and consumer behavior. Businesses should employ financial experts who can accurately interpret sales figures. Online businesses should consult ecommerce accountants to monitor e-commerce sales. Online accounting services can provide businesses with digital financial experts that can help sales increase and make a business’ sales teams more efficient.

E-commerce accountants can optimize digital financial operations by efficiently managing a business’ inventory, payroll, and cash flow. They’re experienced and trained in handling financial reports, keeping financial records, and focusing on tax preparation, and daily accounting. E-commerce accountants are able to analyze and interpret data, and use the data and sales figures to create solutions that can aid business owners in making more financially beneficial decisions. E-commerce accountants can provide professional advice and financially savvy strategies to improve advertising and telemarketing tactics and increase e-commerce sales. 

When businesses implement financially sound telemarketing and deal-making strategies recommended by e-commerce experts, and optimize interactions with customers and potential customers, they can increase e-commerce sales, helping their bottom line.

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