Caring for Your Smartphone

The percentage of Americans who own a smartphone is now up to more than 80%. That’s high. It’s especially impressive when you consider just how expensive these devices are — and just how many Americans are short on spare change. It’s a testament to just how important smartphones are that we are willing to put down so much money to acquire them.

When you invest in something as important and as expensive as a smartphone, you need to be careful about how you take care of it. Carelessness and neglect can result in real problems for your smartphone — problems that could end up costing you a pretty penny. That’s why we’re here to talk about how you can go about preventing damage to your smartphone and its software, as well as tips for making things right should things go wrong.

Protecting your smartphone

A lot of threats out there can hurt your smartphone. Some of them are pretty obvious. If you drop your smartphone or get it wet, there’s a good chance that you’ll damage it. But things will go a lot better for you if your smartphone has some basic protection in the form of a decent case and a screen protector.

You can usually acquire these things right away as you purchase your smartphone, but you may be able to save a buck or two by buying them online or at a shop other than the one run by your mobile provider. Don’t skimp on quality, though. A good case will go a long way toward making sure that you don’t have to drop hundreds on a new phone anytime soon.

Choose your case and screen protector based on how you’ll use your phone, and don’t be afraid to get more than one case; for instance, you might have one cases for camping and hiking and another for commuting in the city.

Browsing smart

The dangers to your smartphone aren’t all physical. Your phone can become damaged in a lot of ways through contact with the internet — and the web holds plenty of threats for you and your personal information, too.

Be smart about the apps you download and how you use the internet. Mobile app stores vet their offerings to varying extents, but don’t trust Google or Apple to keep you from downloading something bad — do your own research.

Visit only reputable websites, especially when money and personal data are involved. When it comes to gambling, for instance, you should look up trusted casino sister sites: Dragonfish Bingo sites, for instance, are going to be more trustworthy than some no-name gambling site. Visiting sketchy gambling sites is like visiting underground casinos in person. It’s dangerous for you and for your money.

Repair and replacement

No matter how careful you are, your smartphone might take a hit in some way. Maybe you’ll try to turn it on one day and will find that it doesn’t work, or maybe you’ll drop it and crack the screen. If and when this happens, don’t panic, and certainly don’t head right to the store for a new phone. Instead, take a moment to find a local repair shop, recommend the experts at uBreakiFix.

Smartphones are advanced things, but they’re fixable if you’re dealing with the right experts. Choose trained and qualified pros who are certified to work on your particular brand of smartphone, but don’t assume that you have to head to the official brand-name store unless you’re under a warranty that requires that. Lots of third-party shops have specially trained technicians licensed by the big brands but do the work for less than you’d pay in the on-brand store.

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